Tuesday, October 29, 2013

British India Error Coins (Brockage)

Brockage—A mirror image of the design impressed on the opposite side of the same coin. These errors are caused when a struck coin remains on either die after striking, and impresses its image into the next blank planchet as it is struck, leaving a negative or mirror image. Off-center and partial Brockage coins are worth less than those with full impression. Coins with negative impressions on both sides are usually mutilated pieces made outside the mint by the pressing together of coins.

Below are the coins, which I found from one of my dealer. So thought of sharing it. There is no concrete proof wither this coins are fake are not. Has it’s a error coin its very difficult to prove it. I have taken some opinion from experience coin collectors, most of the opinion is it’s a fake or replica, but when asked about the details of original and their availability, answer are not concrete. Kindly share me if you find any of the proof or records about it. 

Queen Victoria Continues Legend One Rupee Silver Coin

Victoria Empress One Rupee Silver Coin

Queen Victoria Split Legend one Rupee Coin

Victoria Empress 1/2 Rupee silver coin

King George VI 1/2 Rupee Silver coin 

 the above coins are from my own collections